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3M™ Attest™ (EO) - 1264 New -9%
3M Attest Biological Indicators For Ethylene Oxide (EO) 1264The 3M Attest self-contained BI for all ..
121.00€ 110.00€
text_tax 100.00€

Bio Check (H2O2) - G.stearothermophilus -10%
Spore strips for monitoring sterilization processes with H2O2/plasma.Product features BAG-BioC..
141.90€ 127.60€
text_tax 116.00€

Seal for containers New
An unique seal for sterilisation containersmonoSeaL® with ink indicator - Box of 1.000 units.A..
text_tax 190.00€

Seal with ink indicator New
An unique seal for sterilisation containers, universal lock with a label holder that revolution..
text_tax 285.00€

3M™ Attest™ (STEAM) - 1262 New
The 3M™ Attest™ 1262 Biological Indicator (brown cap) is designed for monitoring steam steriliz..
text_tax 320.00€

TOSI® - FlexiCheck Test Device New
Flexible test device for TOSI®FlexiCheck (length: 1 m) with Luer-LockAdapter for Olypmus endoscope w..
text_tax 90.00€

Medical face mask effective against H1N1 and harmful bacteria on contactAntimicrobial Medical Face ..
text_tax 16.00€

Chemical Indicator for Monitoring Steam Sterilization ProcessesOrder-No. Packaging    ..
text_tax 32.00€

Chemický indikátor pre denné Bowie-Dick skúšky pre malé parné sterilizátory, alternatívny indik..
text_tax 42.00€

Držiak pre chemický indikátor Green Card a Green Card-T pre denné Bowie-Dick skúšky...
text_tax 80.00€

Gloves decreases the possiblity of latex allergy owing to its low protein content. The micro roughen..
text_tax 129.00€

Batch Monitoring System for Monitoring Sterilization of Hollow Loads in Pre-Vacuum Sterilizers acc...
text_tax 106.00€

Lead free Pre-assembled test pack for the daily Bowie & Dick type test. For use in pre-vacuum s..
text_tax 96.00€